Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I found this again after a student found it and gently reminded me of it..

mmmmm yummy Brocolli

the new mantra...So today we take out Creatine, Extra shakes pre and during workouts.

Going to drop about 5-6 pounds of water in the next 4 days..starting to see abs coming in and the hanging skin is getting more pronounced. I hope I can get it to tighten up before the show.

Told my kids at school that I am going to start get a bit grounchy and they need to just bear :) with it until I get over the show.

Feeling strong. Did my post workout cardio yesterday at 7:30 pm and about killed me. Should be better today if I can get to the gym before 4:30 -

Still tearing off the free meal weight that I added on was doing so well.

162 and holding...should be around 158 by saturday - 155 my next thursday is my goal.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009



Went a little overboard yesterday evening. Got hungry and worn down and made dinner for the girls. They had Bacon and Eggs with toast...well so did I...I will post a picture when I get a chance.

Followed that with: Leftover rice pasta mac and cheese...

Got up this morning and did my EMC - 45 Min of sprints and walking. Feel better.
New workout today with cooldown of : 3 min sprints followed by 30# dumbell 1 leg lunges - 15/30, burnout pullups and hanging.
Should be an interesting worout this evening...

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Sunday Blues

Got my monday workout in today 4 hours of training and came home and crashed hard for a few hours. Funny part was so did my children...we all just bonked...
Well finally up and need to eat so off i go...

Friday, September 25, 2009

When is a little asparagus to much asparagus

Ate a full tree of asparagus this morning with my 3 oz of chicken...I think i overloaded. I like it but man that was too much...

Off to get some rest....Happy Friday

Made it past the Cookie

My Lovely wife made cookies for her classes last night and as I sat on the spin bike killing the last 90 min of cardio for the day I managed to not run into the kitchen to get them.

I felt that was a large step for me to avoid putting something in that does not belong.

New picts and weigh-in on Saturday. getting close to 159...can't wait...

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Is taking Cafene pills and washing them down with coffee bad?

just sayin.

Low LOW energy today..

Starting to feel the effects of a 1000 calorie burn day yesterday. Needing to get in the cardio and extra lifting but feeling the pain today. I currently have coffee attached to my face and trying to keep some food in on a regular basis.

Feeling lean and mean. Another day down on 30 to go...this is getting very real now...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

On a roll

another pound today...

161.5 - heading for the magic 159 - can't even remember when I would have been under 160 - maybe when i was 13?

Took pictures today..bad posing but good looking muscles...starting to see new stuff everyday.

Wanted to post a quote by Tom Venuto from his blog...

"People are not inspired to action with logic, they are driven to action with emotion and only later justify their decisions and actions with logic."

This is so true...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Thinking a lot about the story related to my journey.

When I look back at a trip with my daughter to the 4 corners national park I remember what it felt like to always be Hot, heavy, and just generally out of energy.
The only difference now is I am always hot (burning calories and very high metabolism) and out of energy (calorie deficit) but I am not heavy.
Interesting how things change but stay the same.
Last night after symphony rehearsal I was relating to an old friend that had joined us for this concert and telling him of my gaming addiction and how that led in a large part to my very unhealthy condition. I spent so much time on the computer that i never saw them...
kids coming...back to work!!!
Adding 4 oz of yams 30 min before concert tonight so I can concentrate. Will have protein shake at home after concert and bike for 45 - then bed...

5 weeks...

Sitting here today at 5 weeks out and having small moments of energy. Did an hour on bike last night while playing poker and sweating. Have to get in 120 min on cardio daily right now to get my body working better. Woke up this morning at 162.5 and feeling good. Have a new ab muscles showing.

The old skin on my belly is starting to leave so i can actually see abs.

Have legs today and a symphony concert. Playing the Keje solo tonight. Wondering about adding some carbs before the concert for concentration. Felt really out of it last night and made some glaring mistakes that should not happen.

Have a call into Tony to ask about it.


Cool that you can send text from phone directly to the blog. I'll try to keep up with it.
More later...
Eggs, oats, 2 salads, 11 oz chicken, 3 cups brocolli in so far. Have a salad and pre- and post shakes to finish before concert...

Having low energy problems at this time of day. Seems to be mostly a carb pproblem. Should probobly eat sooner.

Welcome to my Blogging experience

Hi All, Thus begins the journey. It's been a long year and the rewards are beginning to be evident. This blog will be a journal and travel through the last 5 weeks leading up to my competition and the ups and downs associated with this type of lifestyle. Please feel free to comment, ridicule, joke or otherwise engage in conversation based on the information presented.