Wednesday, September 8, 2010

10 Weeks to November Couples

Staring to Blog again daily as I approach a new competition goal.

My wife Lori and myself will be competing at the November "Rocky" in Denver. We are going to compete as a bodybuilding couple. Although i am not a stearoid user I know that i will be compared to the huge guys that compete for the pro-division at the rocky. I am planning to get as cut as possible to offset the lack of size.

I started back on diet 3 weeks ago at 197.5 lbs. Today weighed in at 189.5

Feeling good and eating on Plan...

Start with Tony on the 18th and will push the last 8 weeks to the win! Will keep you posted.

Monday, March 29, 2010

41 and fighting!

Had a birthday this weekend and felt pretty good about the last year. Lots of amazing things going on and lots of great stuff to come.

Still in "off season" mode but feeling ok with tthe weight gain. Arms, back, shoulders..all getting bigger. Feels good to know it's all working!!

Saw a picture of Jay Cutler "off season" and realized I am OK with not being 100% and lean all the time.

This qoute from M&F stood out for me last night..."Even the top pro's need time and help cutting those "off season" calories...

So I guess it's ok to feel a little fluffy if the fluff is leading to a new plateau! Planning to win my next comp and take the step towards Mr. Colorado and a national title...I will win! I will be natural! I will be huge!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Coaching Call

Had a nice coaching call with my trainer and got the distinct feeling from my from that things are going well.

I will post some pictures from this week. Interesting to see the change over the last few months.

Eating clean, mostly, and starting to add in some extra cardio. Don't like my clothes not fitting. Still can take my shirt off and feel god about the look but the love handles are slowly returning.

Lifted 305 on bench this week but the shoulders are still causing serious problems in growth for the chest. I guess I can just keep burning them out and hope..

Friday, January 22, 2010

Back on Task

Thanks Tina for motivating me again. need to find some time to sit down and go over the "off" season stuff I have been dealing with. Hard for someone who was really heavy to see the scale go back up.

After gaining back 30 pounds and working on Muscle gains it is really odd to look in the mirror. I keep expecting the "fat" troy to come back. I am thicker than i was and adding muscle daily. I can feel it growing. Is that odd?

I eat clean most of the time and Now tony wants me to add in MORE food. He says I need to push the calories 2 times a week. Ok I can do that!

Will grab some time this weekend to update...